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Initial phone consultation

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E-learning readiness assessment and strategy

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Online, in-person, and blended learning analysis, design, and development 

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Ed tech & AI products evaluation and implementation

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Learning and data analytics

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Some questions you might have:

1. Initial Needs Assessment

Question: Is my organization ready for e-learning? 

Solution: We can help by conducting an initial e-learning readiness assessment for your organization and identifying current gaps in learning and development. 

Benefits: You will have a solid overview on where you are in e-learning and how ready you are in choosing/replacing an LMS.

2. Learning Technology & AI Product Requirements Gathering and Competitive Selection Process

Question: With 600+ LMS’s in the market, how do we find the right one for our organization quickly?

Solution: We use a proven process to narrow down to the best-suited LMS and other learning platforms that best fits your organization’s needs and goals.

Benefits: You will have a solution that is well matched to your organization.

3. Implementation Oversight/Project Planning

Question: Once I have identified the learning technology platform we want, how do we get it to work best for our organization?

Solution: We will guide through every step of the implementation, configuration, and customization of your new learning technology platform.

Benefits: You will be able to successfully launch your learning technology platform on time and on budget.

4. Post Launch Evaluation

Question: We have launched our learning platform for six months now, how do we measure its success?

Solution: We provide guidance ranging from e-learning governance, instructional design process, usability testing, to evaluation tools to help you measure success.

Additional services

1. Learning Analytics/Data Analytics

We help with the following challenges you might have:

  • How to make use of the data collected from your LMS/LXP?
  • What other sources of data you can collect to gain insights about your learners and their learning?
  • What are some tools you can use to analyze learning data right away?
  • How can I mitigate ethical and privacy issues when collecting and analzying learning data?

2. E-learning Content Strategy, Design & Development

We provide full servie onlne learning content development with the following expertise:

  • Design that cater to a diversity of learners by applying universal design principles and user-centered design methodology
  • Making use of technology and learning platforms already in place in your organizations (we like to think beyond Storyline)
  • Consultative, respectful, and collaborative approach that adapt to each organizational culture and context

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